Business Writing Principles

Troubleshoot Writing Errors That Make You Look Bad

WAIT! Don’t press send!

Did you know you are being judged on your writing skills when you send an email, report or applying for a job? Business writing errors (even simple grammatical mistakes) can complicate your message, confuse your readers, cost you money, diminish your professional image, and hold you back in your career.

You need to consider punctuation, grammar, and other rules of thumb to ensure all your letters, memos, emails, and reports are mistake-free and built to impress.

In this one day workshop, you’ll learn how to create business documents that say what you mean and achieve the results you want.

What We Will Cover

  • Identify the top structure and agreement mistakes and learn how to correct them
  • Understand modifier problems and learn how to prevent the confusion they cause for your reader
  • Learn the worst punctuation pitfalls and know how to avoid them quickly and easily in your writing
  • Recognize the most commonly confused words and discover tricks to choose words correctly
  • Learn best practices for precision in editing and proofreading

Take this opportunity to boost your writing skill.

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