In-House Training

Having employees, managers and executives with GREAT experience and skills are excellent for business. It adds to the bottom line and helps retention. At Ganymede International Management, we tailor unique training workshops to ensure that the key topic(s) are relevant, engaging and that the learners walk away with tips and techniques that they can implement immediately.

While companies have struggled for many years on how to obtain the right balance between technical expertise and soft skills, the challenges have recently increased.  That’s because the newest generation to enter the workforce – the Millennials aka GenY- may surprisingly lacking in skills. When surveyed, most are not even aware that these skills are important for their career success.

We’ve leveraged all existing an emerging methodologies to  ensure that your employees

and business gain success 

Our on-site training workshops are created to be customized enabling us to design workshops that have a laser focus on you and your employees’ most critical needs.

Our instructor-led workshops fill in the gap, providing fundamental training on everything from emotional intelligence, email etiquette, and time management to what it means to have a strong work ethic, demonstrate teamwork and leadership.

You describe the challenge, we assess and we will customize the training experience. It’s that easy. And, the results are powerful. Because soft skills can be learned. And mastered. And make a huge difference in your business’ success.

And best of all, you will have employees who are more engaged, productive and loyal.

Skills Workshops We Offer

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